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Testa o Croce is a shortfilm produced by JC Bits Productions in collaboration with Frabiato Films and released in early 2021.

This film marks the debut of Caterina Gabanella as writer and director.

The film, presented originally in Italian language, is based on a true story and has the goal to entertain as well as provoke thought on a theme of social relevance. 

A young man's life seems to be in check.  Yet, due to unforeseen cinrcumstances, he finds himself embroiled in the same vice of his father, an addiction to gambling.  But it is through this challenge that he revisits the memories and feelings of a difficult past family relationship.

Is it destiny, pure coincidence or inherited attraction to gambling?

As the situation resolves itself, a question remains: Alessandro, his father, all of us: are we players or being played by others?

Testa o Croce features an amazing cast of talented actors and sees the special participation of famed Italian entertainer Paolo Rossi.

Full credits can be found on Imdb.